Hi! Iʼm Paul, a software engineer in Chicago, IL.


I work at MVMNT. I’m primarily a backend developer working with Kotlin microservices. They’re made with Spring Boot, (Spring MVC and Spring JDBC) and deployed with Docker, Terraform, Github Actions, and AWS Fargate. Which is all very boring and unexciting, because the parts of your app that are not unique to you should be boring.

I also do crazy things like trying to understand the business domain before trying to build solutions for it, adding observability to the stack, and improving developer efficiency. I’m weird driven like that.


For five years I was a Scala developer at a health and wellness company named Rally Health. I worked on products that make it easier to find quality and affordable care near you. I cleaned up a rat’s nest of signon flows wrapped in spaghetti wrapped in mud. I overhauled the product’s load testing. I wrote monitoring tools that hook into JMX. I cut an ETL pipeline’s processing time in half. I got a very finicky Qt-based app to run efficiently inside a Docker container.


Before that I worked for a research lab buried deep within the R&D division of a hearing aid manufacturer named GN ReSound, where a steady supply of problems to solve and expensive equipment to play with kept me occupied. I mostly utilized Java and MATLAB, but also occasionally maintained projects using Python, BeagleBones and Raspberry Pis.