Hi! Iʼm Paul, a software engineer in Chicago, IL.

TL;DR: Minnesotan transplant. Computer scientist. Reluctant runner.


Currently, I’m a Scala developer at a health and wellness company named Rally Health. I work on products that make it easier to find quality and affordable care near you. I’ve written monitoring tools that hook into JMX. I’ve cut an ETL pipeline’s processing time in half. I’ve gotten a very finicky Qt-based app to run efficiently inside a Docker container. I still don’t understand Javascript.

Previously I worked for a research lab buried deep within the R&D division of a hearing aid manufacturer named GN ReSound, where a steady supply of problems to solve and expensive equipment to play with kept me occupied. I mostly utilized Java and MATLAB, but also occasionally maintained projects using Python, BeagleBones and Raspberry Pis.

Before moving to Chicago, I went to college at St. John’s University where I cut my teeth on C++ and graduated with a BA in Computer Science. Then I worked as a student intern for Sandia National Laboratories. That summer job turned into a 4-year, ongoing project: writing linear algebra libraries for supercomputers. It also became the subject of my Master’s thesis at the University of Illinois at Chicago and while I was slaving over a hot stew of MPI and templates, we even won an award for it.


I grew up just south of the Mississippi River in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. I can’t actually say that the land of 10,000 lakes turned me into some kind of TED-talk-giving nature survivalist advocate. But the nerd that those Mississippi woods produced not only grew up to become a math master, he also became a lifeguard and (to this day) a backwoods, boundary waters enthusiast.

Mostly thanks to my sister Dakota, it is also now public knowledge that I buck a few other stereotypes as well.

Where to find me

Most of the code I write remains under guard by kittens with nerve and llamas with fight, but the parts that do leak out can be found at Github or at the Mathworks File Exchange. You can also find me at these fine establishments: